Alexyn Wundrland (aka AL WU) pens conscious yet carefree songs that are best described as "unTRAPt" music. Al Wu writes these songs as a true labor of love--created to make listeners dance but also to share her commentary on current social, economic and racial issues happening in America.
Born in Oklahoma, migrant to Missouri and eventually, Detroit, MI, Al Wu grew up in a family of musicians who exposed her to a wide array of musical genres and other forms of art, such as theatre and spoken word which she credits to have greatly impacted her style and delivery.
Her next project, set to release in Fall 2019, is a collaborative album featuring AL WU and fellow BRED artist, KING KVLL.



2019 - "Wrapped in Noire" mixtape

2018 - "BARS" EP 

2018 - "Motive All Commas" feat. Zee Fossett (single) 

2017 - "BARF vol. 1"